Bale Creek Allen was born in California to Texas born artists Terry & Jo Harvey Allen. He was the first recipient of a 4 year degree from Boston's prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts after only 2 years of study. Bale moved to Austin in 1991, and opened Gallery 68 here from 1995-2000. Afterwards, Bale continued to create his own bodies of work in a multitude of mediums such as bronze sculpture, painting, photography, neon, wood work, spoken word, music and theatre. In 2016 he decided to open BCA Gallery, feeling compelled to bring national and international contemporary art, performances and music to Austin.

Bale’s program of artists has brought in the respected talents of Daniel Johnston, Boyd Elder, Kiki Smith, Jim Roche, Jo Harvey Allen, Sharon Kopriva, Tony Fitzpatrick, Jack Massing, Eddie Ruscha, Malu Byrne, Will Squibb, Bob Schneider, Liz & Maurice Trevino, Hills Snyder, David Lyle, Nic Nicosia, Tanya Haden, Bettina Hubby, Shelli Tollman, Tami DeMaree, Alexia Lews, Marnie Weber, James Surls, and the list continues to grow.