Eddie Ruscha, son of artist Edward Ruscha, is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Los Angeles, California. Ruscha’s visual style is highly informed by graphic design, psychedelic album, comic and poster art, Italian interiors and fashion, as well as all walks of fine art movements in the hope of blurring the lines between them. The works in Ruscha’s upcoming exhibition, Turn on Delights, present a vision world of reflecting trap door angles made of smoke and mirrors, with links to past dream art of De Chirico, Escher, and Ernst in a mad collision with Nagel and Giger.

Skirting the obvious use of airbrush, Ruscha attempts to shatter forms and skew perspectives flirting with a cold style sometimes devoid of the artist's hand, infusing warmth in color and tone.  Ruscha likens his process to playing the ancient Theremin synthesizer, an instrument controlled without physical contact by the musician.

Art and music have always gone hand in hand for Ruscha.  Eddie has released several records over the years, producing different styles of electronic psychedelic music in addition to creating much of the art to accompany it.  In the music world, Ruscha currently goes by the moniker Secret Circuit.

Eddie Ruscha graduated from California Institute of Art in 1991. His work has been in numerous exhibitions including The London Institute, Fonds Regional d’Art Contemporain, and many others.